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Repair, Upgrade or Install
For a rate of $100 per hour, US Computer Services  will send a technician to your office or home to diagnose your PC computer or printer problem, or to install requested software. We also offer Data (CAT5) and/or Telephone Cable (CAT3) installation at $85 per drop, and Telephone System installation at $85 per hour. Call for a quote on customized installations.

How it works:
Call or email US Computer Services  to file a repair, upgrade or install request.
US Computer Services  will have a technician contact you to discuss the specific details of your request and to set up an appointment.
The technician will try to determine the cause of the problem so that the appropriate parts can be ordered ahead of time and brought to your location.
US Computer Services  will strive to have a technician at your location the next business day.
If the technician is unable to determine the parts required during the telephone discussion, he will make an on-site diagnosis and return to finish the repair as soon as the parts become available.
US Computer Services  offers competitive pricing on components (such as RAM, hard drives, and video cards) that can be delivered to your office for on-site upgrades. Once the parts have arrived, you will be asked to contact our technician to set up an appointment for installation.

A minimum one-hour charge of $100 will apply to all on-site repairs.
Time proceeding the first hour will be billed in 15 minute increments.

($25.00 per 15 minute block)
If the technician needs to stop during the first hour to retrieve a replacement part, for example, the first hour's work will continue when he returns.
Upgrades: Upgrades, such as RAM and upgrade cards (video, ethernet, etc.) will almost always be covered by the one-hour minimum charge.
In non-standard cases the technician will attempt to assess the amount of time needed during the initial meeting.
Hard drive upgrades: Depends on the customer's request: data transfer, specialized formatting, etc. Extended time may be required.

For a rate of $55 per hour, US Computer Services  will send a technician to your home or office to train you with the computer or software per your request.


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